Large Structures

We manufacture your structure on-site

Cold roll steel technique allows us to build massive structures that are ecologically clean and sustainable  while saving energy and time. With our cold rolled steel manufacturing machine , we saves you time , cost and  greatly improve precision. we actually bring the whole manufacturing plant to your  building site . We are manufactures of  high standard modular units suitable for the construction of multiple story facilities and any other large scale buildings.

Experience defines every aspect of our business. It has spurred our company’s embrace of new ideas and emerging technologies in construction, including our innovations in steel construction. We have built a reputation throughout southern Africa as an industry-leading manufacturer and developer of modular steel building projects, offering diverse modular services to schools, civic agencies, businesses, retail companies, and more.

General Contractor Benefits of Cold roll formed steel

  • Cold-form steel construction has been around since 1850 but has seen continuous innovation since then. This particular project utilized a TotalJoist system from iSpan Systems. This is a robust system with a simplified installation compared to steel or wood. It allowed the team to keep the speed without sacrificing quality.
  • It doesn’t require the complexity of service-heavy follow-up trades by taking advantage of large pre-cut service and wiring openings.
  • Reduced training time is greatly advantageous for offsetting any unforeseen delays in foundation work. Easy to learn, this framing has a quick transition from learning curve to trained labor. Skills for using wood studs can be transferred to using steel C-section studs. Formed steel single tracks are similar to top and bottom wood plates.
  • Construction moves faster since there is little in the way of punching, cutting, or drilling steel onsite. Cold form beams and columns are easy to move and put in place without the need for heavy machinery

Now available for you On-site...

  • With 3D designs
  • Available in wide Profiles to ensure large structures ability .
  • On-site Roll forming  manufacturing
  • Huge Time saving 
  • Ability  to make on-site changes
  • Significant cost saving

Properties of Cold roll formed steel

it is Galvanized
it is Mobile
Replaces Heavy Steel
it is quick
Extremely Strong
Has long spans for roofs

Ideal for Factories , warehouses and shopping Centres

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The slit coils of cold-formed steel are formed into C-sections  by roll forming the steel through a series of dies. Penetrations for plumbing and electrical runs are also punched at pre-determined locations, helping reduce installation times.  No heat is required to form the shapes (unlike hot-rolled steel), and thus the name cold-formed steel. A variety of steel thickness is available to meet a wide range of structural  applications.


Hyperion's experience with Cold roll formed steel design includes a variety of institutional and commercial structures. Our engineers are experienced in designing and producing shop drawings for Roll formed steel projects.

Why choose us

We work diligently from the first steps of designing your building through delivery to provide quality and excellence that is unparalleled in the industry.  The pride we take in the quality of our buildings, from drawings to delivery, has set us apart from the rest of the industry