“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver steel building solutions.”

Small to Medium Steel Structures

Hyperion Structures has a team of highly skilled, industry experienced personnel who can be depended upon to know what it takes to design an entire metal building system from the ground up. Hyperion Structures offers the full scope of services needed for your metal fabrication project. From innovative engineering and BIM modeling to the latest equipment for metal fabrication and construction, Hyperion handles it all.

Benefits of Light-Gauge Steel

Remodel Easily

Light gauge steel frame construction can be modified at any point in its life service. Non-load bearing walls can be readily relocated, removed or altered.

Structural Safety

The strength and noncombustible properties of steel enables it to withstand fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes


It takes less construction  time compared to the conventional construction system. All components are prefabricated



Buildings constructed with light gauge steel frames have good quality which not only durable but also its maintenance low. It neither rot, shrink, warp nor suffer decomposition.

Strong & Lightweight

 It possesses one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any construction material. which makes it easier for on-site handling.

Design Flexibility

The strength of light gauge steel frames permit longer spans, larger open spaces without the need for intermediate columns or load bearing walls.


Our Roll Forming Machine  is a fully automatic wall, floor and roof truss frame design production system using one single dedicated C  shape profile.

  • The major applications are for light residential low-level structures from 1 to 4 stories, light commercial structures, institutional building structures and prefab temporary structures.
  • Patented roll forming technology, high throughput production system with 12 sets of tools to make sure a complete steel framing system.
  • Available dedicated C profile sizes:  89mm, 45mm, 10mm, 

Hyperion roll forming machine   integrates the intelligence of the 3D modeling & detailing software, production and CAD machine control software to achieve a truly integrated and totally automated design to production system. This framing system engineers, designs and produces wall frames, floor truss, and roof trusses complying to all major international light steel framing building codes: Equipped with Our patented roll forming technology, this totally integrated design to production system delivers high productivity, top quality and 100% accurate output. It’s rated as the industry’s most efficient, reliable and highest spec Single-Profile-Production-System

Our roll forming machine is fully automated production system, which comes with below list of innovative features:

  • Capable of rolling sheet metal thickness from 26 gauge (0.6mm) to 14gauge (2mm).
  • High speed & accuracy Servo machine drive system, top line speed up to 2100 m/h!
  • Cutting edge Servo hydraulic system, saving energy, saving power, total Green-Tech!
  • Auto-Gauging: automatically adjusts gauge range when coil changes thickness!
  • World’s highest speed continuous punch tools:
    • Service hole punch
    • Left & right lip notch punch
    • Web notch punch
    • Truss end cut punch
    • Flange dimple hole punch
    • Shear cut
    • End crimp punch

Major Building Applications of our System:

  • Low Rise Residential Building Structures
  • Mid Rise Residential Building Structures up to 4 Floors
  • Student & Staff Accommodation Facilities from 1 to 4 stories
  • Floor & Roof Truss production
  • Portable Buildings & Cabins
  • Light Modular Building Structures
  • Light Commercial and Industrial Building Structures
  • Structural Frame & Truss Design Production System
  • World’s First & Only, Globally Patented