Steel Building Construction

The construction of steel buildings offers many advantages. These buildings are very durable, structurally sound and the strength to weight ratio is very high compared to other construction methods. Steel Buildings can also be built in many different shapes and sizes and can be conformed to your metal building insulation specification and needs.

A very important part for many clients is that steel buildings are completely recyclable and non-combustible and termite proof. The steel building construction industry has been involved in a highly demanded product and has come a long way from steel beams and corrugated structures of the early years.

We have many experienced industrial steel building contractors in our company that compete competitively in the marketplace and provide quick lead time turnovers for your project. There are many factors for the rapid growth and the efficiency success of the metal building industry, but our relationships along with partnership between contractors and manufacturers are what make us stay on top as construction steel suppliers in our industry.

At Hyperion structures , our industrial metal building contractors are capable of doing many phases of construction with our own forces as well as supervising and coordinating a variety of trades and subcontractors. This allows us to be cost efficient and has enabled us to meet tight deadlines in any climatic condition or time of year.


Commercial Steel Buildings

We are one of the leading commercial metal, steel building contractors in the industry. Our commercial projects are engineered according to the rigorous code standards that give a clean, durable, versatile, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and long-lasting look. Also, the structures we make have sustainable and eco- friendly features.

Our highly trained experts in commercial buildings channelize your requirements and to fetch you the best plan for your commercial buildings. Be it a retail store, warehouse, or office building for your business. Our specialists are the most qualified to accommodate you and your building needs. You can customize your commercial steel building for any size and can include various building accessories, like doors, insulations, windows, and much more

Our commercial engineering design fits tight and complex spaces and is available in many variants. We offer endless options in our metal structures. Simple commercial steel buildings are widespread, but our technology has added diversity to their architectural and functional abilities.

We strive for the best pre-engineered work on-site which takes the minimum construction time-period with stable structure, secure and reliable to meet all your needs. All of our commercial buildings are designed by engineers to meet local building codes and last for many years.


The following are the advantages of our commercial Steel buildings.

  • Customized to meet your requirements and budgets
  • The high ratio in weight-to-strength.
  • Rigid frame system
  • Clear spans and bay spans measuring over 300 and 40 ft respectively.
  • Standing seam or screw down
  • Produces less waste and takes less time for construction.
  • Stands strong against earthquakes, heavy snow, high winds, and rainstorms.
  • It can be modelled into any shape.


Our commercial metal structures can work as carbon-neutral buildings. They can be LEED-certified based on insulation, heating and cooling elements. Our commercial buildings are designed by keeping the energy-efficiency aspect which keeps the structure more viable economically.

Our expert’s team of engineers is available at every step right from the initial concept to completion of the project. Hyperion Structures, we aim to provide versatile, low maintenance and structural design to withhold any climatic conditions, with faster completion of the projects. Reach out to us with your requirements and our experts would be able to help to transform your vision into reality.



Pre-Engineered Buildings

Each of  Hyperion Structures pre-engineered building is tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency and international quality standards.

Steel Structure

Each of Hyperion Structures pre-engineered building is tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency and international quality standards.

Steel Panel

Hyperion Structures Corporation has always been recognized as the pioneer in new technology investment to produce the highest-quality products. With 20,000 m2 manufacturing plant, Hyperion Structures can reach the capacity of 2,000 tons steel structure. Hyperion Structures constantly conducts research and improves many product line of steel panels to have advantage features and suit various requirements as well as particular details of each project


The most outstanding feature about Hyperion Structures Group comes from the optimal design solutions performed by highly experienced, and professional engineering team. Hyperion Structures Group bring to customer satisfaction and complete peace of mind about the quality of design, in accordance with the most stringent technical requirements weather and environment conditions.


With a well-trained workforce of over 500 professional staffs, quality management system ISO 9001:2015, IAS AC472 and a 20,000 m2 factory, 2,000 MT/month for steel structure with high technology automatic production facilities, Hyperion Structures delivers optimal solution, high-quality products and perfect services for your project.


At Hyperion Structures, the erection process of pre-engineered steel buildings must be done in a proper order to ensure consistency and professionalism, in order to minimize errors during the erection process. In particular, construction methods are agreed under the supervision of a team of experienced engineers – architects.