Light Gauge Steel Structures

Hyperion Structures is a  Steel structure manufacturing Company, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers  of  steel structures. Hyperion  offers a variety of high quality, code-compliant, and Steel Framing Industry Association certified metal framing products for commercial and residential construction. Our full line of products includes , Light gauge steel structures, Cold formed steel structures as well as 3D drawings ,  drywall studs, connectors, a variety of accessories, and USG Shaft Wall Systems.

We are dedicated to providing excellent service, quality products, and reliable delivery. Headquartered in Swaziland . Hyperion Steel Framing is able to provide quick turnaround on all your framing needs with stock readily available for immediate manufacturing and installation onsite

Hyperion Structures is  revolutionary in  Light Gauge Steel Frame and Hybrid construction technology by the  system which is a rapid construction system using cold rolled galvanized steel sections which allows us to design and build strong, durable steel framed buildings easily and efficiently, anywhere in the world

Hyperion  Light gauge steel system can provide light gauge steel components for floor and ceiling cassettes within pre-assembled building modules. Combined with structural hollow sections complete with prefabricated connections, full modules can be achieved with great efficiency and accuracy


Buildability: The use of pre-fabricated and preassembled steel components reduces site works,
reduces material waste and improves quality.
Speed: This system requires a shorter construction period compared to that for a conventional system.

Light Weight :

Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any
construction material. This results in savings in the
foundation required and the lightness also makes
for easier on-site handling.


Steel’s inherent strength and noncombustible qualities enable light steel frame houses to resist such devastating events as fires, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Homes can be designed to meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications in any part of the country.


A better quality finished house that is durable and low in maintenance.

Easy to Remodel:

Remodeling can be easily accomplished. Non-load bearing
walls can be readily relocated, removed or altered.

Design Flexibility:

Because of its strength, steel can span longer lengths, offering larger open spaces and increased design flexibility without requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls.


All steel products are recyclable

Shorter Timeframes

20%-40% faster construction compared to traditional building methods. Less dependent on ‘wet-trade’ labour resource.

Build Accuracy

Accuracy and precision of up to 1mm per structural storey height, negates need for guesstimate soft joints to outer leaf fixtures.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Considerable reduction in production of onsite waste material, and up to 20% reduction in embodied carbon in building fabric.

Lower Build Cost

10%-15% lower cost depending on efficiency of follow on trade.