• Hyperion Steel Structures specializes in providing custom prefab Cold-formed steel (CFS) / Light gauge steel (LGS) design, supply and install service.
  • Hyperion Steel Structures provides its clients with unparalleled quality, project time and hard cost savings.
  • Hyperion Steel Structures is the world’s largest Cold-formed steel (CFS) custom prefab producer with its current 20 million sqf annual output.
  • Hyperion Steel Structures provides life time warranty on all its designed, supplied, and installed / Cold-formed steel (CFS) / Light gauge steel (LGS) structures.
  • Hyperion Steel Structures guarantees the best price for its clients by matching and beating equivalent timber structure cost.



  • Hyperion Steel Structures guarantees to match and beat wood framed cost in all of the 50 Sates. The taller the structure the bigger the saving. For mid to hi rise structures, the hard framing cost saving is between 20% to 50% versus wood and concrete.
  • Hyperion Steel Structures CFS structures are 20% or more lighter than wood structure, the saving starts from foundation.
  • Hyperion Steel Structures CFS wall studs and floor joists are pre-punched for electrical, plumbing and HVAC ducts penetration, thus drop ceilings, soffits and all kinds of secondary framing are minimized, saving project time and cost, another 20% saving.
  • HSS hot rolled steel columns & beams are replaced by Pinnacle CFS built-up composite columns & beams, over 50% cost and time saving.


  • Versus wood framing, pre-panelized Hyperion Steel Structures CFS framing accelerates schedule minimum by 50% if not 75%.
  • Versus cast-in-situ concrete, the Hyperion Steel Structures CFS framing structure saves over 75% structure schedule.
  • All Hyperion Steel Structures CFS framing panels are done parallel to site work, this leads to much faster project completion.
  • Since all pre fab work are off site, weather becomes an irrelevant factor for the project schedule.


  • 1000 years life according to one recent UK study of CFS structure if properly enclosed.
  • Green building structure with automatic 2 green building points from LEED certification.
  • No termite, no insects for life for your building structure.
  • All structural components are factory produced by automation with +/- 0.3mm precision.


  • Conventional wood framed Type V low-rise residential construction can be replaced with 100% non-combustible Type II steel construction.
  • Conventional wood framed Type III or V mid-rise multifamily construction which requires 2 hours fire rating now can be replaced by 100% non-combustible Type II steel construction which requires only 1 hour fire rating on exterior bearing walls.
  • Conventional Type I concrete hi-rise structure can be replaced by Type II Hyperion Steel Structures construction which requires only 2 hours fire rating by code for exterior bearing walls up to 120’.


  • All electrical service holes are pre-designed and punched to accommodate and speed up electrical wiring.
  • All plumbing horizontal and vertical penetrations in the structure are pre-designed and prepared ready for installation.
  • All HVAC ducts and pipes can be installed not only parallel but also perpendicular against the floor joists, thus eliminating drop ceilings and soffits, any kind of secondary structures, improving room ceiling heights and saving significant construction cost.


  • Construction insurance cost for Hyperion Steel Structures CFS framing is 1/5 of wood framing.
  • Building operations and maintenance cost for the structure part will be 1/10 versus wood framing.
  • Hyperion Steel Structures CFS building will provide building owners with much higher property terminal value.