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Hyperion Structures  is the leading global total solution provider of steel framing technology! Hyperion Structures  researches and develops world’s most advanced robotic machines for steel framing industry. Hyperion Structures owns multiple global patents for all it’s advanced machine technology and applications.

In building construction, there are primarily two types of structural steel: hot-rolled steel shapes and cold-formed steel shapes. The hot-rolled steel shapes are formed at elevated temperatures while the cold-formed steel shapes are formed at room temperature. Cold-formed steel structural members are shapes commonly manufactured from steel plate, sheet or strip material. The manufacturing process involves forming the material by either press-braking or cold roll-forming to achieve the desired shape. Examples of the cold-formed steel are corrugated steel roof and floor decks, steel wall panels, storage racks and steel wall studs.

Press-braking is often used for production of small quantity of simple shapes. Cold roll-forming is the most widely used method for production of roof, floor and wall panels. It is also used for the production of structural components such as Cees, Zees, and hat sections. Sections can usually be made from sheet up to 60 inches (1.5m) wide and from coils more than 3,000 feet (1,000m) long.

During cold roll-forming, sheet stock is fed longitudinally through a series of rolls, each of which works the sheet progressively until it reaches the desired shape (Figures 1 and 2). A simple section may require as few as six pairs of roll, but a complex shape can require as many as 24 to 30. The thickness of material that can be formed generally ranges between 0.004 (0.10mm) up to 0.312 inches (7.7mm), although heavy duty cold forming mills can handle steel up to ¾ of an inch (19mm) thick.

The Hyperion Structures FRAMER X888 Infinity (6 Gauge, 5mm Sheet Metal) System is a fully automatic multiple-size C & U profiles production system for heavy gauge wall framing, C floor joist, and large span residential & commercial truss, web size from 140mm(4”) to 450mm(18”), flange size from 51mm(2”) to 102mm(4”), equipped with unlimited profile size withen range fully automatic punch tooling changeover, fully automatic C web size adjustment, fully automatic flange height adjustment, fully automatic coil gauge adjustment:

  • The major applications are for heavy residential mid-level residential structures from 1 to 15 floors, open space column & beam office tower up to 10 floors, large commercial structures, large institutional building structures, heavy gauge prefab modular structures, large span truss, and warehouse structures.
  • Patented roll forming technology, high speed production system with over 20 sets of tools to make sure a complete steel framing system.
  • Patented Hyperion TRUSS design and production system, innovative B2B truss and total warehouse structure framing including all connection details by using only one size C profile for large span commercial and industrial structure applications. Warehouse free span beyond 35 meters (110 feet).